books in a boxWhether you are in a hardcore beatdown band, a rap artist, a drop tuned metal band, or play country, this book has information that you will find is useful and that has practical applications to your career.

This book will dispel many of the myths that you may have been led to believe about this industry, while providing you with supporting information, statistics and references to get your head out of the clouds and bring you back down to reality where you can start assembling the building blocks necessary for you create visibility and upward mobility for yourself.

I will show you the value being hands on in the development of your career in an effort to raise the bar for you independent musicians who are serious enough about your success to take a step back and address the foundation that you are actually standing on. This is broken down in a step by step, chapter by chapter framework that addresses multiple topics that are critical to your ability to sustain and grow your career while covering a vast majority of topics including;

Music theory, scales, tablature explanation, songwriting and composition, vocal techniques, rap, poetry, and meter, stage presence, formation of bands and businesses, creating your brand, marketing your product, and merchandising, the importance of a fanbase and support structure, developing an online presence, copyright information, including a step by step guide on how to complete your copyright registration, publishing and performing rights organizations, presskits and interviews, press releases, working with labels and management, problems with promoters, how to book your own shows, music conferences, do it yourself touring, performance riders and guarantees, correcting problems with live sound, violence and shows, chemical dependency and how it effects your group, the practices of independent and underground music scenes in different genres, a detailed analysis of the current state and future of the music industry, and much more.

Reading this book will not only give you the tools you need to get ahead of the curve, but will also empower you to become a leader in your local music community.

You can read a free preview the first few chapters of the 2nd Edition by clicking HERE

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