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With added resources, refined quick reference chapter organization, more chapters (an extra 100 pages), approx. 57 photos, a step by step guide to filling out a copyright form and more; the second edition of The Music Industry Self Help Guide is a fortified version of its predecessor that goes into greater detail of artist development along with many other topics that are critical to your career advancement. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY SELF HELP GUIDE 2ND EDITION Mike Repel

This book provides you with the tools you will need to create a solid and practical foundation that will serve as a launchpad for all of your professional endeavors, and also contains valuable insight on building visibility and leverage for yourself within this industry. This book will prepare you to meet the demands of today’s underground and independent markets while also serving as a guide to help you navigate an industry that requires new DIY artists to take control of multiple aspects of their career and actively pursue their own destiny.

Eliminate a majority of the guesswork you will face and place yourself ahead of the curve by jumping right into comprehensive information that many artists don’t have due to lack of experience, lack of access to information, and even, at times, complete lack of common sense.

Educate yourself on the problems that permeate today’s industry, enable yourself to play a more active role in your music scene, and establish yourself as a sustainable artist that is a viable candidate for large scale opportunities.

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